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We blog about Vilnius city, Lithuania, based on non-commercial purposes. We love our city and we do it for informative purposes for our visitors and people, who love it as well. Vilnius city blog delivers up to date events, topics, pictures and things we like about it. You are welcome to join us and ask a question, state Your topic or upload a picture, by logging in and posting Your thoughts. Thank You!

We recently got a funny e-mail from France, saying 10 reasons why vising Vilnius Lithuania, and we would like to share it with You. When someone told me “you can […]

Finally Google has launched a street view of Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. We are delighted to announce that You can easily use it with our main page in Google Maps. […]

Love starts from your house, to your neighborhood, to your community, to your nation and to the whole world. Spread love to all those you meet. Let everyone feel the […]

Taxi, Shuttle, Public Transportation

We recently heard really bad reviews of taxi overcharge issues in Vilnius city, Lithuania. We will try to post some tips & tricks how not to fool Yourself with taxi […]

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Discovering Lithuania beauty!

We recently got a newly made fresh movie from the tourists, traveling around in June and discovering Lithuania beauty by their own. A really great example and experience! Guyes, thank […]

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King Mindaugas Coronation day

We haven’t seen a Vilnius Old town so empty a while… Only tourists are hanging in Vilnius Old town! Lithuania celebrates Coronation Day of the only King Mindaugas. Back to […]

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Dinner in The Sky

This week, Dinner in the Sky is @ Vilnius! We heard this experience is kind of scary and nice at the same time. Dinner costs from 100€ here for two […]

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Colourful & playful Vilnius this weekend

We would like to share a moment of what’s going on in Vilnius, Gedimino Avenue today, June 9th, 2012. Isn’t it fun to hang around here? Step in! Photo by: […]

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Erasmus Life…

** Let’s go for three months in Vilnius …First questions in my mind : What about the weather, the food & the parties…? Now I can answer : “Don’t worry, […]

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I will share my photo of yesterday’s walking around Vilnius. What a typical view of Vilnius Old town.. Loving that.

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