We recently got a funny e-mail from France, saying 10 reasons why vising Vilnius Lithuania, and we would like to share it with You.

When someone told me “you can go to vilnius to improve your English,” I said to myself: What the hell is that? The city where Bertrand Cantat killed Marie Trintignant ??? Beurk !

So at first, I wasn’t really excited by Vilnius, and my sister who lived there a year answered me « Don’t worry bro’, everything gonna be nice !»
Finally, it was true ! Vilnius is an amazing city, but WHY ? I give you ten reasons now:

1. Because it’s cold all year long, and it’s good for your skin !
2. Because with that Lithuanian girls you will meet, you will understand very fast the reputation of the east girls is not a legend !
3. Because everything is cheap, dinner for 5€, glass in club for 5€, beer for 2-3€… and girls for free 😀
4. You’ll be not disoriented: There are many foreigners who come from all over Europe with Erasmus as example
5. Because if You are tired of living with your mother, do not forget that even the homes are cheaper here.
6. Because you can party all night until no time !
7. Because you could discover unusual Vilnius landscapes in areas which you dont even suspect the existence (Trakai, Kaunas, Užupis…)
8. Because at a job interview, when all the others assholes say they left in England, you will distinguish yourself…Not everyone goes in Lithuania 😉
9. Because the typical is very good and cheap !
10. Because the Vilnius old town and monuments are beautiful.

Don’t hesitate… come here and ENJOY !!!!


Thank You for sharing it!