We have been asked before to post some comments about how to get from Riga to Vilnius.
Thank You for Your questions. We understand that mostly travelers visting Vilnius, would also want to visit Riga (if there is some few days left for it 🙂

Here are some tips how to get from Riga to Vilnius (or Vilnius to Riga). Facts:

1. distance between the cities – 321 km (188 miles);
2. travel time – 4hrs by car, 6-7hrs by bus or rail;
3. a smooth and nice road;

Budget travel
if You wish not to spend a lot of cash, a best way to travel is by bus. A company, carrying every day from (to) Riga and back is EUCOLINES (http://www.ecolines.net/). Price starts from 16EUR per person (one way). They accept advance payment by credit car, PayPal, etc.

Travelling by train is not possible this time if You want to go directly.

By plane:
Here is a list of flight carriers offering quite a cheap flights from Riga to Vilnius. The earlier You book, the better price You get. Simple.

1. http://www.skyscanner.net/
2. http://www.airbaltic.com/ (flight + hotel available!)
3. http://www.kayak.com/ (price comparison tool. Great choices!)

By car
If You rented a car or on Your own, here is a map of how to get here. From our experience, getting to Vilnius from Riga is really simple. Roads and main highways help You to travel safe even at nights, so do not worry – You will enjoy a 4-hour ride here (depending on traffic). Here is a Google map just to get a clue and directions if You don’t have a NAVIGATION system. Click on “View Map” to see a lager version.

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