When visting Tallinn, one of the Baltic states popular cities, Riga (Latvia) and Vilnius (Lithuania) will probably be Your destinations as well. Especially if You travel with Your own car and do not need to worry about visa issues. All Baltic countries are in EU sphere.


Travelling from Tallin to Riga is only 310 km (4.5 hours ride by car), and Vilnius is extra 290 km (3.5 hour ride by car). In total it’s 602 km and 7-8 hours ride.


1. distance between Tallin an Vilnius – 602 kilometers (374.65 miles);
2. travel time – 8 hrs by car, 9-10  hrs by bus or rail;

Travel options

The less expensive  way is by bus, costing around 69-85 Litas one person/one way. 1 Euro = 3.45 Litas. Carriers for booking tickets and time tables: LuxExpress (around 24EUR) | TOKS (around 20EUR) | ECOLINES (big carrier, many destinations. Around 25EUR). Please note: prices are average and may vary depending on bus companies and/or peak times.

By plane
Our pick would be Expedia.com (Agency with fearly friendly website to use) or Airbaltic.com (flight company itself). Other agencies offer mostly with +1 stop (in Riga Airport), which is not convenient and takes a lot longer time to spend while travelling between the cities.

By car
Here is a Google map just to get a clue and directions if You don’t have a Navigation system. Click on “View Map” to see a lager version.

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