We recently heard really bad reviews of taxi overcharge issues in Vilnius city, Lithuania. We will try to post some tips & tricks how not to fool Yourself with taxi overpay in our city, plus, use shuttle services (if possible) and convenient public transport.

1. Taxi in/from Vilnius Airport to Your Place

We know that not only Vilnius taxis sometimes (not always) charge double prices going from Vilnius Airport to Hotel, for example. This is a problem in basically all cities. The last time we have heard is that going from Airport to Hotel, which is 5 km distance, a customer was charged a 80 Litas for this trip. This is double charge, definitely, and both of parties – customer & hotel – were not happy about it.


  1. Don’t grab a nearest taxi, unless You are willing to pay. If You take it just right from Vilnius Airport arrival area, it will cost You around 5 LTL entrance + 6 LTL per 1 kilometer + TIPS;
  2. Walk to the nearest bus stop, You will find cheaper taxis there (if not, wait it on the road). Negotiate with them a straight price to a place You want to go. A fee should look like: 2 LTL taxi entrance + 2.20 LTL per kilometer + 2 LTL a tip for helping with luggages;
  3. A train from Airport to Bus/Railway station is just 2.5 LTL per adult. From there You will grab a taxi with regular prices + there is all public tranportation to any place You want to go locally and internationally! Ask someone looking friendly for a bus stop in English. Lot’s of Lithuanians (youth, especially) do speak English & Russian.

2. Public Transport from Vilnius Airport

We have tried it by ourselves. And this works quite good. A fee per one bus is 2.5 Litas (les than 1 Euro) for a journey! But before You plan to go by public transport, here i a link to a Public transportation MAP, where You will find:

  • All bus, torlleybus stops at Vilnius city;
  • Finding Your nearest stop;
  • Planning how to get where You want;
  • Website in 15 languages;
  • “Trip planner” option with timetable.
SUGGESTION: If You still don’t know what is Your stop to start from, just e-mail Your Hotel or accommodation place, they will say it.
3. Shuttle Services
Probably the most convenient way to travel, especially from Vilnius Airport to Hotel. Here’s how it works:
  • Contact Your hotel or partner for this service and ask them to call You a taxi shutlle;
  • Aproximate prices are 10 Euro if travelling around 5-7 km;
One of the best companies numbers are: +370 5 2400004 (Martonas taxi). You can do it Yourself by calling to them direct from You phone (roaming should be turned on) or buying a pre-payed card with 10 LTL inside in Vilnius Airport newspaper kiosk (or any other around). That should be enough.
Is there anything else You might want to know? We will update this post with new and useful information from time to time. Feel free to post comments and we will try to help You.