Adventur 2015 is the only international tourism, travel and active leisure exhibition in Lithuania. Three- day tour to a world of travelling. You will be able to find everything about tourism in Lithuania and abroad. To get know about different countries and they cultures. ADVENTURE 2015 program includes: Tours for school children, family travels, travelling on a special occasion and also business events.

Events for visitors:
-“Travelling is my lifestyle”. Famous Lithuanian music, art, TV personalities share their success stories and travelling experience.

– NEW! “The World Nations Fair” – national cuisine, custom, traditions of different countries
-“Travel Music”. Organizers of Lithuanian and foreign music festivals and concerts.
-“Travel photography”. Interactive event space: photography and filming trainings and equipment. The best travel photo competition.
– Week of Gastronomy – open days dedicated to introducing advanced food culture, tendencies in gastronomy, mastery of chefs in Vilnius.