Ed Sheeran – Grammy nominated singer and songwriter will perform at Siemens Arena, on 15 February, 2015. Soulful vocals, organic folk introspection and irresistible hip-hop hooks – Sheeran is a global phenomenon. New musician tour will present his second album named “x,” wich was released on 20 June 2014. 23 years old artist entered the UK Albums Chart at number one. It’s the highest opening week figures for a debut male solo artist, and now he is six times platinum.

Album „x“, featuring main single ‘Sing’ is the work of a musician who was raised on a diet of rock, folk, hip hop and R&B. How he said writing for „x“ began three years ago, before debut album was even released. Songs were cut down to twelve tracks that effortlessly flow between different musical styles. Exactly Ed Sheeran’s capability to combine different music styles made this album very unique.