GusGus, Iceland’s leading techno-/soul band saw the light of day for the first time in 1995, during a break in the making of the shortcut “Pleasure”. Initially GusGus was as a multimedia collective that combined sexually tinged dance music with visual arts and shorts made by the group’s members.

A self-titled debut album appeared on their Kjól & Anderson imprint in conjunction with the screening of “Pleasure” and immediately caused a buzz on the scene in their native land. Eventually it’s euphoric grooves and sensual beats reached the demanding ears of UK’s 4AD Records that signed the band in 1996. By and since the release of their 4AD debut and second album “Polydistortion” the collective started touring relentlessly to a wide acclaim that has been enforced to this day.

On 12 November, the Islands band will visit Vilnius, “Teatro Arena”. They will present their newest,9th study album “Mexico” that has been published earlier this year.