On October 6 one of the brightest stars of the British music scene, the ever-romantic James Blunt, makes his return to the Vilnius’s “Siemens” arena. The audience will be presented with the programme of the performer’s newest worldwide concert tour “Moon Landing”, featuring not only his latest work from the same-titled album released last year in October, but the best hits of James Blunt as well.

“This tour represents the moment of the moon landing – old, romantic and full of seclusion. It’s fraught with nostalgia and memories about something really majestic and meaningful. It’s hard to believe that we managed to succeed; however, it is sad at the same time that we won’t be able to replicate this moment, as well as we won’t be able to fall in love for the first time”, James Blunt described his new concert tour.

The performer, aided by his band, started the “Moon Landing” tour in late February in Ireland. He plans to present it in more than 90 concerts in the biggest European cities as well as Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Info Source: Siemens Arena