Lenny Kravitz, one of the most famous contemporary rock artists, to come to Vilnius on 30th October, 2014, the American performer and multiple times prestigious Grammy Award winner, will return to the arenas of the world with his 10th anniversary concert tour “Strut” to promote his album of the same name, coming out the beginning of this autumn. Lithuania was also included in the rock star’s new tour schedule.


“This concert should make Lenny Kravitz fans in Lithuania jump for joy. Lithuanian audience will be one of the first to see and hear the newest rock star’s tour programme. Because this is one of his first concerts, the eyes of every fan, and, no doubt, music critics and media will be fixed on Kravitz, so he and his team will have to give everything they got if they wish the “Siemens” arena concert to be among the best”, assures Juras Vėželis, the head of “SEVEN Live”, the concert organising company.
The rock star will begin his concert tour with Moscow, October 22. For the first part of his tour Lenny Kravitz has planned 40 concerts in European cities as well as a few concerts in Russia.
The “Fly Away” hit performer will begin his tour just a month after the launch of his new long-waited album, the album that is discussed more and more every day. Just a week ago Kravitz presented his newest album’s first single – “The Chamber”.

Information Source: Siemens Arena