Vilnius will be able to hear live voice of Macy Gray, which is called one of the most interesting in the world of music. The only show will be held at Compensa Concert Hall. Well-known hit “I Try” singer, many prestigious music awards winner, American singer Macy Gray invaded to the world of music in 1999 with the debut album “On How Life Is”, which became one of the most popular in the world that year. The album has sold 7 million copies and it was platinum three times in the USA and four times in the UK.

This was the began a colorful career. Macy Gray was constantly broked standards and surprised fans with unexpected decisions. The singer is seriously interested in cinema. She had roles and also created more than ten soundtracks for popular films. When we talk about the style of Macy Gray’s music – it’s difficult to describe it. There are jazz, experimental soul, r’n’b, funk, disco, even alternative rock elements. Macy Gray said that the new, eighth studio album “The Way”, which she will present in Vilnius, is the most outspoken her work.