Starting from every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday, a daily walking excursion “Explore Vilnius Old Town” starts at 14:00 local time in English language. Exploring excursion is organized by Vilnius Tourism Information Centre ( Read more about Vilnius Old Town.


While walking this tour, You will be able to see authentic places of Vilnius city: Cathedral Square, Presidential Palace, Vilnius University, St. Annes & Bernardines Churches, Town Hall, Filharmony, Bisilian Gates and church, Gates of Dawn & more.


Adults pay 10 Euro (35 Litas) per person.
With Vilnius City Card excursion is free. To get more info about this card, click HERE.

Excursion starting places is at Cathedrals Square Belfry and lasts for 2 hours.

Purchase tickets at the venue or in Vilnius Tourist Information Centres by these addresses: Vilniaus g. 22 (Main Office), Didžioji g. 31 (Town Hall), Geležinkelio g. 16 (Railway Station) Šventaragio g. 2 (Cathedral Square).

A video presented below gives a broad view of Vilnius City sights.