If You look for a nice place to rest, enjoy the water falls, monkey brigde, fountains and fairly delicios food not getting from the city, Belmontas is this place. It was a French mill complex, reconstructed thanks to historical relics. Few centuries ago, this area used to be a mill complex, which was run by French aristocrats. All buildings were beautifully restored and now many of them are restaurants, bars or cafes, delivering national and international cuisine.

You will see water falls, several beautiful bridges, fountains and various halls established inside historic authentic buildings. A good place to see the Lithuanian city and village people lifestyle in the XIX century.

In Belmontas Park you can of course eat but also familiarize with various collections – from hunt trophies and folk household utensils, to antique works of arts and crafts as well.

Besides that, Belmontas park center organizes various outdoor and indoor feasts, concerts, games, theatrical performances, fairs… There is a parking there and a children playground. Get in touch with them by a menu on Your right.

Pūčkoriai Path

In gallery pictures inside You will find a map, showing how to travel around Belmontas Park and walk through Pučkoriai Path, through which You will meet is a beautifully big, 65 metres high and 260 metres wide steep hill, covered with forests and Vilnia river in the bottom. Beautiful path for tourists, wishing to discover still green hills around Vilnius, which Vilnius city is famous of…

Enjoy it and let us know wether You liked it?