We were recently discovering ourselves a Vilnius city and Old Town panoramic views & sights.. it’s not only Vilnius Old Town is what You should look for (although it’s a nice thing for Your eye anyway), but overall city view from the points of where cameras take nicest Vilnius pictures shots You were probably surfing for on the net.

After looking over these places, we though we should blog about it and share it. Everyone loves taking pictures with themselves in a great view, right?

Let us take You through some places where another ones don’t tell where is it. One thing You need to have – a good camera to capture it for the rest of Your life 🙂 We will go through this post with the most must-see in the first places, and finish by not so popular, and little bit further than the famous Old Town:

Gediminas Castle & Tower View

Definetly. If You reached Vilnius city and You were not on Gediminas Castle or Tower – You were not in Vilnius. A 360 view from there is just what You need to see. No further discussions from our side. Pictures tell the story by themselves.
Read and see more about Gedminas Castle & Tower HERE.

A Hill of Three Crosses View

This places is just 15-20 minutes walk from Gedminas Castle. Not only memorable place it is, but a place where Gediminas Castle is viewed right beside a Neris river view. Read and see more about Hill of Three Crosses HERE.

Tower Bell of St. Johns Church View in Vilnius University

We haven’t been ourselves there, but who was there, were telling it’s the closest 360 view look at Vilnius Old Town. And it is true – Vilnius University together with St. John’s Church is based right in the Old Town centre. And a ticket per adult is only 8 Litas (€3)! If You go there, send us some pictures or just upload them here. See and read more about Vilnius University and St. John’s Church HERE.

Užupis District View

We are not sure we could call it a view from Uzupis district, but it is on a border of this famous artistic & bohemic, one of the kind, district.There are two spots You can reach by foot: the first one is on the way and can be easily reached by car. The second one is in the territory of the hospital, which is closed in the evenings. Both of them are as charming as the city itself.

TV Tower View

TV Tower one of the highest buildings in all Europe in general. Based on the hill, a 350 metros tall total, You can reach a 360 view of 180 metres of the city sitting and eating ice cream or drinking coffee! A restaurant spins at a low speed, giving You an opportunity to feel like You are in New York city, but with different views. All city is under Your legs. Great place to feel the hight You were not expecting to have it here. See and read more about TV Tower HERE.

Finding Those Places

We found on net this nicely done Google map of sightseeing Vilnius and panoramic views inside – all in one place. Use DIRECTIONS from/to buttons to reach them by car, foot, public transport. Fairly easy!

P.S Post some pictures and any other places You found for nice sights and views in Vilnius.

Picture Gallery

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