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Sightseeing Vilnius Lithuania

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania with a lot of spectacular sightseeing places to visit. Although it has been rapidly transformed and renovated in recent years, plenty of historically and architecturally important places and buildings remained the same and it makes the city unique. Vilnius is often called a baroque city but Renaissance, Gothinc, modern and other styles could be found here. The most famous places to visit include Gediminas Castle, Cathedral Square, the largest Old Town in Eastern Europe, Town Hall square, St. Anne‘s Church, Vilnius University, and modern Constitution avenue.

Belmontas Park & Pūčkoriai Path

Belmontas If You look for a nice place to rest, enjoy the water falls, monkey brigde, fountains and fairly delicios food not getting from the city, Belmontas is this place. […]

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Vilnius Old Town Walking Tour

2.5 hour tour of the most important historical attractions of Vilnius. Everyday at 1PM from Pilies 6 (Pasažas). 14€ students. Free for children under 12.

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Vilnius City bus tours

360 hectares of splendid architecture, magnificent monuments and buildings, green spaces, parks, stunning landscapes and districts more amazing than the other, Vilnius city is one of the biggest and oldest city attractions in Central […]

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Kalnu Park and The Hill of Three Crosses

The Hill of Three Crosses is the most prominent of four others surrounding Kalnu Park. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Vilnius if You wish see the stunning […]

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Sightseeing Vilnius By Bus

Sightseeing Vilnius tours with 1.5 hour audio guide in 9 languages, in a warm and cosy bus.

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City & Old Town Panoramic Views

We were recently discovering ourselves a Vilnius city and Old Town panoramic views & sights.. it’s not only Vilnius Old Town is what You should look for (although it’s a […]

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Summer Beach in Verkiai Park

We were asked recently to post about a sandy beach in Vilnius to go in summer and hot days for a sun bath & swims. Well yes, we got it […]

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Soviet Bunker USSR 1984

Just 25 km from Vilnius, this Soviet USSR Bunker in Vilnius district is still a LIVE drama place for those, who want to experience the feelings of how was it being a part of USSR.

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KGB and Genocide victims museums

A part of Lithuanian people history is held in this building. 50 years of Soviet occupation. This museum is a strong and emotive symbol because the building is was closed […]

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Europos Parkas in Vilnius region

Europos Parkas (European Park) is in only 19 km from Vilnius, a huge open-air contemporary museum, covering 55 hectares of forests, landscapes. It’s a good way to spend a good […]

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