Welcome in the biggest park in Vilnius, covering 162 hectares of green Vilnius forests right in the city! Recommended for spending your free time there and escaping from rushing and crowded Vilnius city centre for a while. You will enjoy this piece of nature which is not just one park. You will have a chance to  have an active rest there with Your friends, renting roller-blades, walking around… Moreover,  it’s also a place where many concerts, events, collective sport courses are held here (Lady Gaga, Andrea Bocelli, Depeche Mode, Sting, Rod Stewart, other famous stars were playing here in summer). If You are lucky, specially in evenings, arounf 7 p.m., You will see the installation and departure of hot balloons there, which is very beautiful.

Activities & What to do

In summer, on Sundays, at 5 p.m, you can practice “Zumba” for free, jogging, yoga with professional coaches. Bike, roller skates are available for rent there as well in this peaceful area.

Botanical garden, established from 1919s in 7.35 hectares of land, 4000 plant species and varieties in greenhouses and outside. Visitors have an access to medicinal plants, plant biology and systematics, floriculture, dendrology, pomology, horticulture, grain crops and technical exhibits.

There is an Old Graveyard of former soldiers, which reminds First World War victims back from 1914 to 1939…

Useful Info

Find some activities organized in Vignis Park HERE.

If You wish to have more information on Vingis Park, or even rent a place for commercial event or Your own (chich is possible, starting from 1000EUR), click on “Send Enquiry” on Your right. E-mail will be sent directly to Management.

Crowne Plaza Vilnius Hotel, located in M. K. Ciurlionio 84, has the best panoramic view on Vingis Park + a nigh stay offers just on the Park entrance from the city side. A cup of coffee in the highest floor and you will see a panoramic view there!