This truly amazing shows knocked us out.. We could not think of a company of proffesionals, who could interpret Medieval Ages and things with all possible shows as one!

This brotherhood, called “Medieval Emissaries”, is an organization, who aims to recreate the Lithuanian and Western European warfare, crafts and daily life of the late Middle ages. They accurately reconstruct the 14th – 15th century armor, weapons and clothing, a recreation of crafts, dances and warfare. And frankly to say, they do it well.

What Do They Do

Knights tournaments are probably the most popular ones – they reconstruct medieval warfare and martial arts by recreating armor and weapons after authentic archeological findings and organizing knights’ tournaments.

Fakir fire shows present 3 stunning fire show programs, inspired by beauty of fire and emotions evoked by it. You will see that in a video below.

Archers will recreate a real shooting adventures from Medieval Ages using an old type of bows, authentic dresses.

Beside that,

  • Team building

  • Medieval games

  • Theatrical tours

  • Knights’ fights

  • Medieval dances and music

  • Fire shows

  • Exposition of armour and weapons

  • Medieval inventory for rent

  • Medieval feast

A group of experienced professionals will ensure Your great mood and professional performances at Your any desirable place!

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