For those, who are visiting Vilnius city, Lithuania, would want to relax, here is a post and choices of SPA Centres in Vilnius city. All kinds of massages are offered in the city SPA centres – classical, relaxing, anti-cellulite, with chocolate or honey, etc.. Packages of SPA treatments, erotic massages, wellness and more for Your choice.

Sugihara” SPA Centre

Located 3.5 km from Vilnius Old Town, Green Bridge, they seem to be one of the biggest and most popular in Vilnius city because of many kinds of thing they offer: not only SPA procedures, but cosmetic surgeries, laser treatments with dermatology. They have also a small SPA treatment centre in Akropolis Shopping Center as well. Click on a name and You will be directed to their English website for more information.

Amber Massage” SPA Centre

Ideally located, right in the heart of Vilnius Old Town, Aušros Vartų street 15, Vilnius, this small but very cozy SPA Centre offers unique massage procedures and relaxations with a help of Amber. They say Amber is a stone of energy, health and sun, soothing and cleaning a skin like no one else does. Massages are performed with a powder of amber, bead of light amber and bags of warms amber. A unique opportunity, as only Baltic countries have amber! For more information about it, click on them in top for detailed descriptions and coordinates.

Azia SPA” Centre

Located in Vilnius Old Town, this SPA brought our attention because of various SPA packages an SPA rituals for two they have: dar chocolate therapy, detoxing & slimming programmes for women and many more. Prices are really good and professional care, they say, guaranteed. More more about SPA centre in English, click on their name.

“Exotic SPA” Centres

This SPA centre has two places You can go: one is Vilnius Old Town, another one – Zirmunu district, 5km. further from the Old Town. Salloons are nice, offering Hamam, erotic massages (!) with steam bath and honey massage all in one. Exotic SPA has many programmes and treatments to offer, and if You would like to get more info on it, click on a link above.

Have fun! If You have some questions or comments, let us know by leaving a comment below or clicking on “Send enquiry”. We will help if we can 🙂