Christmas Events in Vilnius

There will be three main places in Vilnius during Christmas time. First – Cathedral square is the place where 25 meters high Christmas tree will stand. The Christmas tree lighting will be very beautiful ceremony with foreign troup and fireworks. During December will be built Christmas town where will be special Christmas fair for visitors.
Second place is is City Hall Square where another Christmas tree will stand. It will be decorated with oranges, colourful cookies and candies. Also, the International Christmas Charity Fair will be held at city Hall Square. There you will find a lot of sweets and handmade souvenirs.
Third place is Bernardine’s garden with dancing fountain in it. Also you will be able to find a hot wine and a lot of funny events there.
Visitors also will be invited to take a ride with a Christmas train and to feel the Christmas spirit together.

Dates of events:
Christmas tree 2014.11.29 – 2014.01.08
Lighting up the main Vilnius Christmas Tree 2014.11.29 19:00
Christmas town 2014.12.05 – 2014.12.30
3D fairytale “Christmas dream” 2014.12.25 – 2014.12.31 (17:00, 18:00, 20:00 h.)
City Hall Square:
Christmas tree 2014.11.29 – 2015.01.11
The International Christmas Charity Fair 2014.11.29 – 2015.01.11
Bernardinai Garden events 2014.11.29 – 2015.01.11
Christmas Train 2014.11.29 – 2015.01.11
TV tower – Christmas tree lightening 2014.12.25
New Year fireworks celebration at Cathedral Square 2014.12.31