Cool feature! A panoramic view from Gediminas Castle brought to you by Google Street View

Gediminas Castle (Tower) is the most famous castle in Lithuania and it is often taken for the symbol of our country. Moreover, all Lithuanians know the legend about Grand Duke Gediminas, who dreamt a dream about the iron wolf, roaring on the hill in the centre of Vilnius city. In the morning his soothsayer Lizdeika explained his dream as a sign for him to build here a city as it will become a well known and widely resounded in all over the World.

Gediminas Castle was built in about 1230. The same as Vilnius city, it was mentioned in 1323 for the first time.

Gediminas Castle has a tower, that can be seen from any place in Vilnius centre and Old Town. This tower nowadays serves as a museum. What is more, the marvelous view to the Vilnius city opens from the hill on which the castle stands.