International Saturday‘s parties.

Saturday night‘s are always full of unexpected surprises in Cocainn club. There you can meet your friends and also you can get acquainted with new friends from Lithuania and other countries. If you are ready to complete the week hard and only with the best emotions – Cocainn club is waiting for you!

Cocainn bar staff will take care of the best and a wild mood, great pop/dance music, a heady cocktails and dances until the morning!


  • December 6, starting @ 22:00 PM
    December 13,starting @ 22:00 PM
    December 20,starting @ 22:00 PM
    December 27,starting @ 22:00 PM
    January 3, 22:00 PM
    January 10, 22:00 PM
    January 17, 22:00 PM
    January 24, 22:00 PM
    January 31, 22:00 PM

Entrance: Till 24:00 FREE