Just 25 km from Vilnius, this Soviet USSR Bunker in Vilnius district is still a LIVE drama place for those, who want to experience the feelings of how was it being a part of USSR. In this place You will find the only one in the World SSRS socialism museum. Bunker was built in 1983-1985 under a command from Mr. Leonid Brezhnev, a former KPSS CK secretary. The purpose of building this Bunker was in case a War between USSR and USA.

For those who want a REAL experience, organizer offer a theatrical  show of “1984. A survival Drama in Soviet Bunker”. We must say – this show is just only for hard ones – You can be punished and locked in one of small rooms for resistants if You obey the rules inside..

This uniques place offer a really true dramatical experience of 1984! Nobody else will meet You with barking dogs, special clothes worn and a hard voices actors speaking only in Russian. For Non-russian speaking group, organizers will invite You with translators from any language You wish to have.


Price for One person is 73 LTL / 22 EUR
Is You travel with a Group, rpice differ. Contact organizer directly by clicking on “Send Enquiry” by Your right.