If You are or wishing to spend few days or weekend in Vilnius city, and you don’t know exactly what to see, this might save You some time to know TOP10 sights in Vilnius. Tell us how You are doing or ask us questions if You might need any help with it. We will respond as soon as we get it.

TOP 10 sights

Walk in the Old City Center, one of the largest surviving medieval Old Towns in Northern Europe. Covering an area of 360 ha, you can see a very big diversity of  architectural styles, it’s a mix since more than one century. You also are going to see some unmissable places.

Church of St. Johns /  Vilnius University, founded in 1579 is composed of 13 courtyards with 13 buildings, each consisting of several blocks, as well as the Church of St. Johns. In 1985 Vilnius University was awarded European Gold Medal for the protection of monuments. You can see the architectural styles : Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism. This University is one of the oldest and most famous establishments of higher education in Eastern and Central Europe. //

St John’s Church : Integrated into composition of Vilnius University, it’s one of the most impressive baroque churches in Vilnius. It serves as a pray house, a Museum of Science and a place for solemnities and concerts. It is possible to visit the main hall of the church, but also get down to it`s basement, as well as climb into its` loft.

Gedimino Tower & The Hill of three Crosses: Whatever where you are in the city you can’t miss them, they’re one of the most stunning view of the old city center. Gedimino tower it’s the only survival part of the Gedimino Castle. From this tower you can admire the panoramic view. Nowadays, there is a museum inside the tower. The Hill of three Crosses, looks so far but don’t worry it’s just around 15 minutes walking from Gedimino Castle. It’s a symbol reminding the torture of seven Franciscan monks.

So to go there you have to cross the Kalnu Park, (pleasant for walking, enjoying the sun, Neris & Vilnelė rivers). The Hill of Three Crosses is the peak point of this park.

St Anne’s Church : At first, this church was built with wood in 1394, later, wood was replaced by bricks. Having survived to the present day without changing for over 500 years, St Anne’s Church is now a symbol of Vilnius. You can’t miss this church totally built with red bricks, Gothic style. It said that Napoleon Bonaparte was so impressed by this church than he wanted to bring it with him to Paris.

Užupis district. The artistic and wacky district of Vilnius city. You can’t miss the mermaid who is going to welcome you when you cross the bridge. After trying to count the locks covering this one, you are going to meet the Official symbol of the Independence of Uzipisians: The Angel (is held here since 1992). Walk around and have a stop front of the Uzupis Constitution (Paupio street).

The Television  Tower: After this long walking day, you can enjoy having a dinner to the 55th floor of the Television Tower. There is the “Milky Way” restaurant which turns slowly to permit you to enjoy the panoramic view during the sunset for example. This tower is also use to do some […..] 21litas the entrance free.  You can go there in taxi or in bus [10, Sausio 13-osios, Vilnius]. It’s open daily from 10 a.m until 10 p.m

Europos Parkas : The European park of Vilnius. It’s a huge open-air contemporary museum, covering 55 hectares of forests. You can see there more than 100 works of art carried by international artists. The most popular is the monument representing the center of Europe, built by Mr. Gintaras Karosas. 25 Ltl the entrance fee.