Are you planning to spend only one day in Vilnius? Here is the check list of TOP5 sightseeing places that you don’t have to miss:

Walking in the Old Town: The medieval old town of Vilnius, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1994.  You can appreciate a mixture of all European architectural style like Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical. (maximum 2 hours to see Vokiecu street, the Hall Town, the Presidential Palace, Pilies street, the Cathedral Square, Gedimino street and the bridge above Neris river, joining Old town and New town).

Gediminas’ Tower : The only remaining part  of Gedimino Castle of Vilnius. One of the most beautiful old town panoramic view, you can climb to the top of the hill on foot. There is also a funicular which go up until the hill. Inside the tower, is held  an exposition of archaeological findings from the hill and the surrounding areas.

The Hill of Three Crosses:  Erected in the 17th Century to commemorate a trio of monks who were crucified on the spot, these original crosses were bulldozed by the Soviets in the 1950s and re-built in 1989.It appears to be quite a distance away,but it’s only about a 15-20 minutes walk and hill climb from the Cathedral. It’s always a pleasure to enjoy the walk to go there, sit down near the river or admire the impressive city panoramic view.

Užupis district : “Beyond the River” is the meaning of “Užupis”. Come in to discover the most stunning district of Vilnius and why not celebrate whit the Užupians the Independence Day of this district, on April 1st. Feel the artistic mood in this place. Inevitable, the mermaid, the bridge with locks, the angel of Uzupis, the Constitution … a lot of symbols which remind the Independence feature of this district.

Museum of Genocide : Symbol of 50 years of occupation, the KGB Museum gets a permanent important and emotive exhibition which explains and exposes the anti-soviet living condition. Thing impressive, the building is in the same state than KGB left it. The prison basement is authentically furnished. You can see there a lot of official documents, pictures and personal items of prisoners. Open from Wednesday to Sunday, 6 Litas for adults, 50% reduce for students, pupils and retired people. Free of charge with the Vilnius City Card. Guided tour in English, Russian and Lithuanian.

All mentioned places are within a walking distance, so You do not a transportation. A whole sightseeing should take You 5-6 hours.

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