Finally, M.O.P. will have their time on a stage in Vilnius, Lithuania! This year Loftas had Serial Killers aka Xzibit, B-Real, also gangsters ONYX, Latyrx and half year later we announce another serious rap meeting.
Ultimate bad ass hip hop duo – two rappers, Billy Danze and Lil ‘Fame. They grew up together in New York City, Brooklyn where gang formed. It was named Mash Out Posse. When it came time to express themselves, the men began to write rhymes, formed a group and called it their gang name. In 1998 M.O.P. album “First Family 4 Life” was officially most stolen CD on the New York music stores.

M.O.P. debut single, “How About Some Hardcore?”, low-budget video, was created by then unknown director Hype Williams. Today he receives awards and made video clips for a rappers like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Busta Rhymes.