3.4528 New Year Event @ Opium Club, 2014.12.31

Club „Opium“ invites to meet the new year in the Euro zone. It‘s guaranteed that the party will meet all the Euro standards. Plans is to establish a free trade area, you will be able to use free calculators and calculate your personal course and the most important – to stay till the the end of litas era.
Special instructions on how to handle the change in the currency will conduct the euro experts “Snacks”from Berlin.
Mandatorily preferred dress code – from the ruble to the dollar. Fit and Darius, and Girėnas and the US president.

Tickets: Briusly tickets Office (+37069141205)


  • Few Nolder Live (Silence)
    Vidis (Silence)
    Manfredas (Smala, Les Disques De La Mort)
    Snacks Live (The Magic Movement, DE)