Vilnius Cathedral Square, a full name of which is Vilnius Cathedral Basilica of St. Stanislav and St. Vladislav, is located below Gediminas Castle in the centre of Vilnius city and it is the most spectaculous masterpeace of classicism style in the capital of Lithuania. Moreover, it is also a historical heritage.

Some ancient manuscripts tell that on the place of Cathedral there was a stone pagan temple to Perkūnas and there animals were sacrifized. The history of this glorious building begun in the middle of the 13th century when the Lithuanian King Mindaugas first erected a christian temple in order to seek a favour from the Livonian order. At that time the Cathedral looked as a Romanesque building. After King Mindaugas died in 1263 it was converted to pagan temple again.It was again renovated in 1387 by the Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland Jogaila. Cathedral suffered from fires, storms and Soviet brigandage but was rebuilt again and again.

It is very important to mention, that one of the most magnificent historical event, called Baltic road when all three Baltic nations stood shoulder to shoulder creating a live chain in 1989. This was the peaceful political demonstration designed to draw global attention by demonstrating a popular desire for independence for each of the entities.

Every day today mass are held in Vilnius Cathedral and people gather to pray. What is more, excursions there are very popular and professional, including visiting Vilnius Cathedral Dungeon.