Kazaky is synthpop dance boyband from Armenia, Ukraine, Italy. Ukrainian-based artists are going to make a show at Loftas, Vilnius on 26 December. The group is made up of Kyryll Fedorenko, Artur Gaspar, Stas Pavlov and Oleg Zhezhel. Band was created in Kiev in 2010 by Zhezhel, a skilled choreographer. Kazaky already released two albums and several singles. Their last album “The Pulse“ they are going present in Vilnius at their third world tour.
Kazaky is the modern phenomenon in music industry. New album sounds original and diferent than most others boybands. Outstanding and spectacular choreography, unique performances and distinctive sounds are main reasons of their success in music world. Vilnius audience will have an opportunity to make sure that band is getting more and more interesting. Within a short period of time Kazaky made a great jump and showed to the world what they are.